Loyalty program

Customer Care is one of the important factors of successful business, especially during the global economic crisis, when everybody invests huge efforts in order to keep their customers.

Customers are also in constant search for better investment of their money.

Techmedia Loyalty program is an efficient tool for all sales types, especially in situations of numerous and strong competition and fight over customers.

A fact is that loyal customers are stable sales basis, so a well thought Loyalty program can significantly increase the number of repeated purchases by the existing customers, but it can also generate new customers.

In order to understand the shopping needs and habits of your customers, you need key information. Techmedia offers a vast selection of top sales tools to help you identify and motivate your best and most loyal customers:

  • Detailed analysis and customer profiling
  • Customer incentive system of your choice
  • Customer activities/shopping reports

Incentive policy is defined by you. One of the policy incentive examples is the customers category based on:

  • card type
  • amount spent
  • purchased items
  • customers groups

Customers’ needs and wishes are changed over time and thus, business activities need to change accordingly. In order to achieve that, it is necessary to create a successful plan to monitor and measure key customers’ goals as well as the data analysis in order to keep your customers’ loyalty.

With the proper use of generated customer’s data, you are making an interaction with your customers and thus you can create a simple model and rules to help you track your customers’ loyalty and to have adequate reaction at any given point in time.

Techmedia Loyalty Program key advantages are:

  • Online (remote) administration by the internet browser, mPOS terminal or connecting your IT system to our transaction center
  • Incentive policy creation based on your needs
  • E-mail and sms communication with your customers
  • Customers, items or point of sales report generation
  • 24x7 platform availability
  • Further platform customization based on your needs

You invest resources and huge efforts in order to attract more visitors to your shops, and with Techmedia Loyalty Program you can convert these visitors into your customers.

Apply for demo account if you wish to test our Loyalty program platform.

Our clients using Loyalty program

  • Holcim
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Marella
  • Apoteka kod sunĨanog sata
  • Apoteka Melem
  • Autokomerc
  • Apoteka Felix
  • Parfimerija Diva